Water Conservation

The importance of water in our lives cannot be stressed enough; every living thing on this planet depends on a clean, healthy water supply.

This dependency connects us all to each other. Homes designed to pay homage to the importance of water by incorporating elements that reduce the need for water by avoiding waste are the kinds of homes that make me proud. So while you should still turn off the water while brushing your teeth, in a one house green house, you can feel good about your water usage because of the built in controls we’ve created.

Reduce Water Intake: elements like dual flush toilets, low flow shower heads, on-demand water heaters, and xeriscaping landscapes create less of a dependency on fresh water.

Re-Use Water: rainwater catchment systems collect rainwater for irrigation. Gray water systems collect water from sinks and showers, which is then re-circulated for use in toilets.

Site Waste Management & Minimizing Storm Water Run-Off: solutions such as green “living” roof systems, bio-swales, and the use of permeable materials for walkways and driveways allow our homes to maximize the absorption of rainwater and its utility.